Georges Mathieu: the creator of Lyrical art!

Artistic painting in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War reflects the state of mind of artists after a traumatic world conflict. Georges Mathieu is one of the painters and sculptors who wanted to change things. Through his works, he explored a new path of lyrical art and the critics were grateful to him.

A career full of twists and turns

Georges Mathieu produced his first works in 1942. He began with oil painting, but his career as a painter did not really begin until the end of the Second World War. He took a strong stand against geometric abstraction of forms. To mark his rejection, he exhibited works that broke away from the usual codes of painting. With him, tachism took off.

With simple tubes of colour, he created masterpieces from simple projections and splashes. His quest for freedom in art went further. In 1985, he decided to break with the sacrosanct rule of the central form. And so, the forms took over the canvas completely. In addition, he has also created some renowned sculptures. Visit a gallery site to find out more.

Remarkable works

Georges Mathieu's work spans half a century and many of his paintings are named after historical events. The painter has also paid tribute to great men through his paintings. His expertise has been called upon for events of international importance.

For example, the Salon d'Honneur of the French Pavilion at the Montreal World's Fair exhibited the Gobelins tapestry. He lent a hand to Air France by creating posters for an advertising campaign. Similarly, the Manufacture de Sèvres owes him the design of its new brand. In 1975, the public television channel Antenne2 asked him to design a new logo.

He also designed a sculpture for the Bourgueil secondary school. The sports complex in Neuilly-sur-Seine boasts a monumental sculpture, a beautiful work by Georges Mathieu.

An appreciated artist

Georges Mathieu continues to be a subject of admiration for art bloggers and critics. He is always so eloquently described:

- He is a very cultured character, with a personality that does not leave one indifferent

- He is considered to be the thinking head of lyrical abstraction

- He serves as a bridge between the post-war American artistic movement and that of Europe

- He is appreciated for his rejection of geometric abstraction

- André Malraux called him the calligrapher of the West

- Some of his works, such as the 10-franc coin, are immortal.

Thus, many specialists consider Georges Mathieu a master in the history of modern and contemporary art.

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