Pablo Picasso: a painter that even uninitiated people in art know!

It is impossible to talk about painting, without mentioning the name of Pablo Picasso. This legendary painter is very popular thanks to his works, most of which represent the events of his life. He also succeeded in imposing his own inspirations, with cubism. He is probably the only painter who perfectly masters this style. It is an innate talent that all art lovers respect. Even the uninitiated know Picasso's work.

Pablo Picasso, the founding father of Cubism

The cubist movement has been around for several decades, but Pablo Picasso managed to transform it into art. His source of inspiration was traditional African art, which is based on bright colours and abstract forms. He added his talent to this style and succeeded in painting legendary pictures. Everyone has seen one of his paintings, with abstract shapes, randomly arranged on the canvas. It was in the 1920s that his style spread throughout the world. Pablo Picasso's cubism has influenced many areas of the modern style. Architecture, automobile construction and interior design all adopted cubism as a basis for decoration.

A talent marked by life's tragedies

Pablo Picasso was a painter who expressed his emotions through his work. After the death of his friend in 1901, he began to adopt a somewhat dark, even depressive style. He even painted a special picture in memory of his loved one. This painting is called 'Life', which he painted in 1903. During this phase of artistic depression, he still managed to paint several pictures that have gone down in art history. They depicted death, old age and poverty. He also denounced the inequalities of modern society. "The Beggar" is one of his most successful works during this period.

A period of happiness, marked by the colour pink

After the artistic depression, Pablo Picasso met his wife in 1904. Since then, his works have changed. He adopted warmer colours, such as pink. His works depicted people celebrating, having fun, or enjoying life. One of his most popular works is 'The Boy with the Pipe'. It is made from several shades of pink, which is very difficult for an ordinary painter to achieve. Only Picasso succeeded in harmonising these colours, and this work became the best-selling painting of the time.

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