Pierre Boncompain: famous for his still lives!

Pierre Boncompain started to paint when he was still very young. It was his parents who encouraged him to pursue the arts. Living in Paris in the 1950s, the same decade, the young artist graduated from the National School for Decorative Arts, before continuing his studies at the Legueult studio.

Who is Pierre Boncompain?

Pierre Boncompain is recognised as a preceptor of the modern canvas, heir to the colourist tradition. The artist was born in Valence in 1938. The enchantment of his native city flows through his productions. His favourite themes are still lives, landscapes and nudity. However, through a persistent quest for flat surfaces, expressive lines and intense colours, the fantasist transforms everyday life to offer a perfectly captivating vision of life. Pierre Boncompain has been exhibiting for over half a century in the United States, Asia and Europe, including France. His works are part of numerous private and public collections in renowned museums. The artist began painting at a very young age and was encouraged by his parents to pursue the arts. He moved to the French capital in the early 1950s, and in 1959, he studied at the School of Fine Arts after graduating from the National School of Decorative arts. To see some examples of Pierre BONCOMPAIN's works available for sale, visit the official website of the Estades Gallery.

Works expressing still life and nudity

Among Pierre Boncompain's works expressing still life, there is "La Nappe rouge", painted in 1938. This is an unpublished lithograph in full colour. Signed in the plate, the work was produced on 51 x 76 cm vellum. There is also 'Une Sieste estivale', which is also a truly outstanding lithograph. Signed in the plate, the work is executed on Arches vellum, size 34 x 50 cm. In addition to the still life, nudity is also frequently revealed in the artist's productions, such as "Nude with a Pink Sheet". This is a painting on paper and it measures 13.2 x 37.1 cm. The work will be exhibited in New York from 2 to 3 August 2021.

An unusual success story

From 1961 onwards, Pierre Boncompain's exhibitions followed one another. In addition to his constant presence on the walls of ArtFrance in the French capital, many events have taken place in France and abroad. These include exhibitions in 1975, 1978 and 1979 at the David Findlay Gallery in the United States. There were also exhibitions in 1982 and 1986 in Switzerland at the Bellefontaine Gallery and in 1998 in Japan at the Navio Museum. Other exhibitions took place in 1997 and 2001 in Holland and in 1977, 1993 and 2005 at the Valencia Museum. In 2002, the artist completed a large mural at the Johnson and Johnson Foundation in the United States.

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