How to know if an old painting is authentic?

Paintings are decorative objects that embellish the interior of the house. You could make art collections in order to have many of them in your home. But, it is difficult to recognize an authentic painting especially if you are an amateur. You should have some knowledge of art history in order to know the authenticity of an art object.  

Methods to recognize an old authentic painting

People who want to decorate the interior of their houses with old paintings do not know how to recognise whether they are authentic or not. But there are some criteria of picture observation which are very effective. First of all, you should take a magnifying glass to look at every detail. Look at the colour first of all, because over time with changes in climate, the paint may be altered. They amight also have small cracks. With the magnifying glass, there should be a small wooden lamp to check the corners that are not visible to the naked eye. The second method is to find out the age of the wood that made the frame. In this situation, a spectroscopic examination will be of great help. Another way is infrared spectrum: a substance that has the same function as the wooden lamp.

Call in the professionals

If you have any doubts about the analyses you are going to do. You should call in the experts. The benefit of the doubt will cost you a lot of money, because authentic old paintings are very expensive. There are special sites that can help you look for them. These professionals work with other agents such as supervisors who will carry out evaluations. They are distinguished by their delicacy as the painting might be authored by a great painter at the international level. The sale of these masterpieces is opening up more and more at the moment. In order to calculate the estimate, you need to know the popularity and reputation of the artist.

The different types of painters

There are 4 types of painters. Romantic painters emerged since the 17th century. They present hostile arts that predominated the arts of the time. Some like William Blake and Théodore Géricault. Cubist painters who rely on the originality of the presentations used a pictorial language. Among them are Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The abstract painters who show imaginary paintings which are different from reality. They are of Russian origin, but little known, such as Vassily Kandinsky. Picasso himself is also classified in this kind of painters. The realist painters paint everyday life. The most famous ones are Jean Baptiste, Édouard Manet and Honoré Daumier.

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